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PDM - Portable Digital Micromanometers
Differential Pressure and Velocity Meters


    Typical PDM - Micromanometer Applications:

  •  Measurement of system pressures in heating, ventilation and air conditioning  (HVAC) systems
  •  Perfect for HVAC technicians performing Pitot tube traverses of airflow readings across a duct
  •  Monitoring differential pressure across filters and coils in HVAC systems
  •  Measuring positive and negative pressure in air conditioning ducts
  •  Measuring differential pressure for clean room monitoring

Dwyer Series 477AM Intrinsically Safe Portable Digital Micromanometers - PDM -


Dwyer Series 477AV Digital Manometers
Intrinsically Safe with ±0.5% Accuracy

The Series 477AV portable digital micromanometers (PDM) includes 11 meters with ranges from 0-200" H2O / 0-150 psi and measure positive, negative or differential pressures. Users can select to display from 9 switchable pressure units: psid, inch H2O, mm H2O, inch Hg, mmHg, kPa, Pa, bar, mbar. The Dwyer 477AV is FM approved Intrinsically Safe for Hazardous Locations, Class 1, Div. 1, Group A, B, C, D, T4.



 GrayWolf Sensing Solutions-Solomat Zephyr II Micromanometer with HVAC 3-Function Probe


Greywolf Sensing Solutions / Solomat Zephyr II+
Micromanometer with HVAC 3-Function Probe

The Graywofl/Solomat Zephyr II+ Micromanometer with 3-function probe are designed to measure differential pressure, static pressure and temperature.The Zephyr II instruments have a built-in auto-zeroing micro-manometer, a 'K'-type thermocouple input and 2 BIN type connectors. Used with a pitot tube, the Zephyr II provides direct air velocity readings.

Optional probes such as the telescoping 3-function “smart” probe for temperature, humidity and air flow (hot wire) can be quickly connected. The auto-zeroing feature allows for highly accurate differential pressure logging over time.



Testo 512 Portable Digital Manometer (PDM) for Pressure & Velocity Readings

Testo 512-Series Portable Digital Manometers
Simultaneously Displays Pressure & Velocity

The Testo 512 portable digital manometer series includes four different versatile pressure and velocity meters. When connected to a Pitot tube, the Testo 512 meters display 6 switchable pressure units: hPa/mbar, mm H2O, mm Hg, psi, in H2O and in Hg; 2 switchable velocity units, m/s and fpm; ±0.5 % full-scale value / ± 1 digit and integral density compensation. Not intrinsically safe.


Testo Pocket Pro 510 Micromanometer for Differential Pressure or Velocity

Testo Pocket Pro 510 Micromanometer
Differential Pressure & Velocity

The Testo 510 PocketPro portable digital micromanometer has a measurement range of ±40" H2O, with air density compensation and a display resolution of 0.01" H2O. User can select from 10 units of measurement: hPa, mbar, Pa, mm H2O, mm Hg, in H2O, in Hg, psi. It will display air velocity in fpm or m/s when used with an optional Pitot tube. A magnetic back aids in hands free use. WolfSense software make it a very versatile HVAC troubleshooting tool. Is not intrinsically safe.

Testo 521-526 Series Multifuction Micromanometers

The Testo 521-526 Series multifunction meter with built-in micromanometer is configured for differential pressure measurements in the HVAC range of 0 to 40" wg (0-100 hPa), e.g. pressure drops across filters or inspection of fans or extraction equipment. The meter has nine user selectable display pressure units: in H2O, mbar, hPa, bar, Pa, kPa, mm H2O, torr and psi.

Flexibility is enhanced as additional probes such as temperature and humidity can be connected to Testo 521-526 pressure meters via 2 user defined probe sockets.


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