Otis Instruments OI-9900 WireFree Signal Repeater

OI-9900 WireFree™ SignalTransmitter

The OI-9900 WireFree Repeater is a wireless device that receives messages from a remote sensor assembly and repeats the identical message to a receiver/monitor, allowing for greater distance between devices than with a sensor assembly/monitor setup alone.  The Repeater operates with 12-35 Volts DC, and is equipped with two antennas and two radios.

Application areas include pipelines, paper mills, waste management, food processing, manufacturing plants.


   Certified enclosure & antenna coupler for use in extreme            environments
   Glass lid for viewing the display
   Non-intrusive setup with MENU, ADD and SUB buttons
           ensures FASTER, CHEAPER and EASIER installation
   Reduces the need for costly wired systems
   Network settable,with potential to see all addresses on network
   Use any Otis WireFree receiver to complete the wireless system

   Radio Options:
              Gen II radio 900 MHz, 200mW

                    (2.4 GHz ISM, 100mW available for international use)


OI-9900 WIreFree Signal Transmitter

Technical Specifications

Enclosure Otis-Blue explosion/flame proof
Size 6 " x 4.5" x 6"
Channels Up to 32
Networks (Settable)

1-78 (2.4 GHz)
1-52 (900 MHz)

Display Graphical LCD, sunlight readable (transflective), LED back-light, 102x64 pixel resolution
Interface Three push buttons (MENU, ADD, SUB); three corresponding magnetic, non-intrusive switches; non-intrusive calibration
Operating Temperature -40° F to 129° F
-40° Cto 54° C
Certifications CSA certified, Class 1, Div I, Groups C and D; Ex d IIB, Zone 1 Aex d IIb
Operating Battery Voltage +12-35 Volts DC
Fuses PTC (automatic resettable) Non end-user replaceable
Radio Options Two radios included: 2.4 GHz ISM, 100mW
                               900 MHz, 200mW

Hardware = one year (limited)

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Otis OI-9900 Brochure

   OI-9900 Manual

For additional accessories & options:  Accessories

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Otis Instruments OI-9900 WireFree Signal Repeater In the  Field  with OI-7010 Repeater on Pipeline

OI-9900 WireFree Signal Repeater Used in the Field


Otis Instruments OI-9900 WireFree Signal Repeater Diagram

OI-9900 WireFree Signal Repeater Diagram


Brandt Instruments Representing Otis Instruments Fixed Gas Detection System, OI-9900 WireFree Signal Repeater for Fixed Gas Detection System
                    Brandt Instruments Representing Otis Instruments

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Otis Instruments OI-9900
WireFree™ Signal Transmitter
Fixed Point Remote Gas Detection Systems

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WARNING! Otis Instruments equipment should only be used in conjunction with the manufacturer's instructions.
Failure to follow such instructions could result in serious injury or fatalities.


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