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Testo 535 CO2 Meter with Extendable Probe for IAQ Consultants & HVAC Engineers

  testo 535 CO2 Meter with Extendable Probe
for IAQ Consultants & HVAC Engineers

Testo 535 CO2 Meter with Extendable Probe for IAQ Consultants & HVAC Engineers
The testo 535 CO2 monitor for IAQ and ventilation surveys - checks the work environment for conditions that contribute to "Sick Building  Syndrome," Quickly evaluates air exchanges rates.

The testo 535 is the easiest way to measure CO2 for indoor air quality (IAQ) surveys. Poor air quality in rooms can lead to tiredness, lack of concentration and illness (Sick Building Syndrome) due to high CO2 concentration (greater than 1000 ppm).

Advantages at a Glance

  Accuratge & efficient method to monitor & evaluate indoor air quality in offices 
  Measures the concentration of CO2 from diffusers and return air ducts
  Tests stationary CO2 transducers in 'demand controlled' ventilating systems
  Long-term monitoring with maximum and mean calculations
  Highly stable sensor makes repeated calibrations unnecessary
  Quickly print data on portable testo printer

                                              Testo 535 CO2 Meter with Extendable Probe for IAQ Consultants & HVAC Engineers

testo 535
CO2 Meter Technical Data

Sensor 2 channel infra red absorption principle
Display Units ppm/volume %
Display LCD. 2 Lines
0.433 inch / 11 mm digit height
Measuring Range 0 - 9999 ppm CO2, (0 to 1% vol. % CO2)
Accuracy 0 to 5,000 ppm, ±(50 ppm +2% of m.v.)
5,000 to 9.999 ppm, ±(100 ppm +3% of m.v.)
Resolution 1 ppm or 0.001 volume %
Storage temperature -4.0...158.0 °F, -20... +70 °C
Operating temperature 32.0...122.0 °F, 0... +50 °C
Operation humidity 0.0...99.0 %
Battery type 9V battery 
Battery life >6 hours, auto off 10 minutes
Weight 10.5 oz, 300 g
Dimensions (LxWxH) 7.41 x 2.22 x 1.64  in, 57 x 190 x 42 mm
Warranty 2 years
Testo 535 CO2 Meter with Extendable Probe for IAQ Consultants & HVAC Engineers

testo 535 CO2 Meter Kit & Accessories

Part #
testo 535, CO2 meter with integrated probe, batteries and factory calibration certificate 0560 5350
TopSafe (indestructible protection case) with bench stand. Protects instrument from impact and dirt. 0515 0183
Transport case (plastic) for instrument and accessories. 0516 0184
9V rechargeable battery 0515 0025
Plug-in AC power supply for operation and recharging the battery in the instrument. 0554 0088
testo printer with 1 roll of thermal paper and 4 AA size batteries 0554 0545
Charger for printer (with 4 standard rechargeable AA size batteries). Rechargeable batteries are recharged externally. 0554 0110
Accessory set (for instrument without TopSafe) includes multifunction clip, carrier loop, probe holder 0554 0550
Accessory set (for instrument with TopSafe) includes multifunction clip and probe holder 0554 0552
Spare thermal paper for printer (6 rolls) 0554 0569
Spare thermal paper for printer (6 rolls)  Measurement data documentation legible for up to 10 years  0554 0568 
ISO calibration certificate. CO2 probes; calibration points at 0; 1000; 5000 ppm 0520 0033 

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