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Testo 110 NTC Thermometer with Optional Wireless Probes

testo 110 NTC Thermometer
with Optional Wireless Probes
& Infrared IrDA Printer

 testo 110 thermister thermometer

The thermometer for the food, refrigeration, HVAC, laboratory & IAQ industries
The testo 110 is a highly accurate thermometer for use in demanding temperature measurement applications and rough conditions.  A wide range of thermistor probes are available, plus the 110 can be easily upgraded with a wireless NTC temperature probe.  The optional TopSafe protective waterproof case makes the 110 an ideal instrument for food applications, as well as laboratory, HVAC, refrigeration and general outdoor use applications.

Advantages at a glance

   Large backlit 2-line display
   Min / Max value memory
   "Hold" button automatically recognizes full-scale values
   User-adjustable audible alarm limits
   Wireless temperature measurement option provides the ultimate in flexibility
   User-adjustable measuring rate in optional wireless mode saves battery power
   Wireless coverage range to 65 feet
   110 is waterproof with the optional TopSafe protective case
   Print readings on-site with the testo IrDA infrared printer
testo 110 NTC Thermometer

Single channel temperature instrument with audible alarm, battery and calibration certificate
0560 1108

testo 110 Technical Data

Storage temperature: -4.0...158.0 °F
Operating temperature: 32.0...104.0 °F
Battery type: Alkali manganese – 9 Volt
Battery life: 200.0 hr, backlight off;
68 hr backlight on
Weight: 6.0 oz
Dimensions: (L x W x H) 7.0 x 2.5 x 1.5  in
NTC (Temperature)
Range:  -58.0 ... 530.0 °F
Accuracy: +/-0.4 °F  (-58.0 ... -13.1 °F)
+/-0.2 °F  (-13.0 ... 166.9 °F)

+/-0.4 °F  (167.0 ... 212.0 °F)

+/-0.5% of mv  (212.1 ... 530.0 °F)
Resolution:  +/-0.1 °F  (-58.0 ... 530.0 °F)
Wireless transmission: RF direct
Wireless coverage: Up to 65 feet
Measuring rate: 0.5 s or 10 s, adjustable in wireless mode


testo 110 Radio Handles

0554 0190 Wireless connection module
0554 0191 Wireless handle for attachable plug-in probe heads, including thermocouple adapter
0554 0222 Thermocouple adapter for wireless handle 0554 0191 (replacement)

testo 110 Accessories

0516 0210 Soft case for instrument and probes - small
0516 0200 Deluxe carrying case for instrument and probes - large
0516 0221 TopSafe protective case and bench stand
0554 0549 IrDA printer with batteries and 1 roll thermal paper
0554 0568 6 rolls thermal paper (10 year legibility)
0554 0004 Silicone heat conductive paste

testo 110 Probes

Picture Measuring range Accuracy Part no.
Food probe, resistant to high temperatures, stainless steel (IP67), Teflon cable can be used at up to +400°F (short-term to +490°F)  Testo Food  Probe -58.0 ... 300.0 °F
To UNI curve
0613 3311 
Waterproof NTC immersion/penetration probe  -58.0 ... 302.0 °F
To UNI curve
0613 1212 
Rugged, low cost air probe to check storage temperatures  Air Probe -58.0 ... 300.0 °F
To UNI curve
0613 1712 
Waterproof surface probe with widened measuring tip, for flat surfaces  Waterproof Surfacr Probe -58.0 ... 300.0 °F
To UNI curve
0613 1912 
Food probe (IP65) stainless steel, PUR cable can be used at up to +180°F, IP54 plug-in connection  SS Food Probe -58.0 ... 300.0 °F
To UNI curve
0613 2211 
Frozen food probe, corkscrew design  Food Corkscrew Probe -58.0 ... 285.0 °F
To UNI curve
0613 3211 
Pipe probe with Velcro, for pipe diameter of max. 3  Pipe Probe with Velcro -58.0 ... 160.0 °F
To UNI curve
0613 4611 
Laboratory probe, glass-coated, resistant to corrosive substances, glass stem can be replaced  Laboratory Probe -58.0 ... 300.0 °F
To UNI curve
0613 7011 
Rugged food penetration probe with special handle, IP 65, reinforced cable (PUR) and reinforced protection against buckling  Food Penetration Probe -58.0 ... 302.0 °F
To UNI curve
0613 2411


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