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FM-801 Formaldehyde Measurements: Continuous or Spot Checks

FM-801 formaldehyde meter is a portable, continuous measurement formaldehyde (HCHO) meter now available from GrayWolf. A reusable sensor cartridge employs the chemical reaction between formaldehyde and ß-diketone on a porous glass. The yellowing that results from this reaction is measured via photoelectric photometry with accurate readings to <20ppb HCHO, without significant cross-sensitivity from typical background compounds, making it ideal for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) applications. Tests run in as little as 30 minutes. The unit ‘re-zeros’ between 30 minute tests allowing for continuous monitoring, and provides an output for real-time connection to most GrayWolf platforms.

    GrayWolf FM-801 Formaldehyde Meter

     The FM-801 may be used for continuous monitoring, and/or for 30-minute spot checks. The FM-801 can be interfaced to a WIN7 Tablet or Notebook computer.

     Attach audio/photo/video/drawing/text notes to data files for efficient, reliable documentation of environmental surveys.

     The FM-801 base unit can also be used as an independent, simple data-logger. Logged data may be downloaded to GrayWolf’s versatile WolfSense PC software.

     Sensor cartridges may also be used as independent passive samplers which are then checked/displayed via the FM-801 Base Unit.

    GrayWolf 801-FM Sensor Cartridges

    Measure Formaldehyde at Very Low Levels

    The FM-801 measurement range, with excellent specified accuracy, is from 20ppb to 1ppm, although the unit will read out all the way down to 10ppb. Display readings in ppb or µg/m3 HCHO.

     Limit of Detection <20 ppb
      Passive Diffusion

    GrayWolf FM-801 Cartridges  Inserted Into Meter

    Easy to Use Thin Film Sensor Cartridges

     1.7x0.7x0.16in (43x17x4mm)
      Cartridges may be left as “stand-alones”
      1 hour min, 1.5 hours preferred to test each stand-alone cartridge

    Utilizes the cartridge's blank to re-zero after each test which enables reuse and continuous monitoring. Sensor reuse depends on HCHO exposure (~4 x 30 minute tests at 1ppm, ~150 tests at 80ppb, up to 1000 tests <10ppb HCHO)

    Tripod Kit

    Use with an easy set up ACC-TPD1 Tripod kit

    GrayWolf FM-801 Colorimetric Photometric Reaction Principle

    Basic FM-801 Operating Principle:
    Colorimetric Photometric Reaction

    Employs the chemical reaction between HCHO and ß-diketone (with NH4 ions) impregnated in a porous glass. The yellowing between samples is measured via photometry.

    The concentration of rutidine derivatives yellows the sensor in proportion to the formaldehyde concentraion and the duration of exposure. The difference of absorbance between samples is measured by radiating a constant wave length light (absorptimetric method) and then an algorithm converts to ppb or µg/m3 HCHO.

    GrayWolf Sensing Software  Download Screen

    Easy Download to WolfSense Software


    Graph formaldehyde trend logs from an FM-801; singly or together with other parameters from any compatible GrayWolf platform


    FM-801 Formaldehyde Meter Specifications

    Detection Principle Photoelectric Absorptiometric
    Detection Range

    <20 ppb to 1,000 ppb
    <25 µg/m3 to 1230 µg/m3

    Accuracy +/- 4 ppb ,40 ppb
    +/- 10% of reading ± 40 ppb
    Resolution 1 ppb
    Concentration Units ppb or µg/m3
    Display Digital LCD
    Sampling Method Passive diffusion sampling
    Operating Temperature & Rh 14 to 104°F (-10 to 40°C), 20 to 90% Rh (non-condensing)
    Sensor Shelf Life 1 year from mfg. date (stamped on pouch)
    Memory (Base Unit) Up to 250 sensors and 4500 data points
    Power Source 2 AA size Alkaline batteries or AC Adapter
    Standard Accessories (5) Sensor cartridge, USB connection cable, (2) AA size batteries, WolfSense PC data transfer & reporting software, carrying case.


    GrayWolf Sensing FM-801 Brochure     

    Download FM-801 Brochure


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