Brandt Instruments representing GrayWolf Sensing Solutions. WolfSense Software for Zephyr ll, IAQ Surveyor
Brandt Instruments representing GrayWolf Sensing Solutions
WolfSense Software, IAQ Surveyor Meters & Zephyr II Micromanometers

GrayWolf Sensing Solutions, WolfSense PC IAQ Software

® PC IAQ Software

Screen Grabs from the Desktop PC Analysis Software
WolfSense® Data Analysis & Advanced Report Generator

GrayWolf WolfSense Software Screen Shot
Notes collected on the Pocket PC while data-logging are associated with your logged data and are automatically transferred to the desktop PC.

Create Reports Using WolfSense Data Analysis or WolfSense Advanced Report Generator


GrayWolf WolfSense Report Generator Example

Example of WolfSense Advanced Report Generator Report

WolfSense Data Analysis Software

Using the WolfSense PC software you can generate reports using Microsoft Word® incorporating graphs, tabular data and notes collected while data logging.

GrayWolf WolfSense Data analysis, Graph Generation Software

Data Analysis and Graph Generation Software (supplied as standard)

WolfSense Advanced Report Generator

Detailed Indoor Air Quality & general environmental reports can be generated efficiently for specific site surveys. A Template Design Wizard walks the user through report set-up:

  •   Define how to display measured data (CO2, CO, Ozone, %RH, VOCs, and much more).
  •   Select from a list of government and industry guidelines to include for each parameter. *
  •   Choose from and edit canned text blocks with general IAQ background info.
  •   Automatically insert notes taken in the field on the mobile PC; text, drawings, photos.
  •   Create and insert graphs with comments, alarm/guideline lines.
  •   Add equipment descriptions/specs/photos, probe calibration info, company information/logos and much more.

Templates may be constructed for laboratory fumehood, HVAC balancing, worker exposure, or other environmental evaluations. Once a template is defined, simply download specific site data and notes from the mobile PC, and then edit appropriate text blocks such as "Conclusions & Recommendations". Detailed, advanced reports are produced in minutes rather than hours.

WolfSense Software Advanced Report Generator Software Template Builder

Optional Advanced Report Generator Software Template builder for efficient, detailed reports.

Create Multi-Parameter Graphs

GrayWolf WolfSense Software MultiParameter Graphing Screenshot
Create Strip Graphs
GrayWolf WolfSense Software Strip Chart Screenshot
GrayWolf WolfSense Software Export to Excel
Data points taken at multiple locations within a site can be easily sorted by location and exported to an Excel worksheet.
GrayWolf WolfSense Software for IAQ Surveyor, Zephyr ll Micromanometers

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