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Zephyr ll+ Micromanometers 

GrayWolf Sensing Solutions, Zephyr ll and Zephyr II+ Micromanometers

GrayWolf Sensing Solutions
• Zephyr II Micromanometers with 3-Function Probe

Temperature, Humidity, Dewpoint, Pressure, Air Flow

GrayWolf Zephyr II+ digital micro manometer with three function probe
Zephyr II+ with three function probe
The Zephyr II manometers measure differential pressure, static pressure, volumetric pressure and temperature. The Zephyr II instruments have a built-in auto-zeroing micro-manometer, a 'K'-type thermocouple input and 2 BIN type connectors. Used with a pitot tube, the Zephyr II provides direct air velocity readings. Optional probes such as the telescoping 3-function “smart” probe for temperature, humidity and air flow (hot wire) can be quickly connected. The auto-zeroing feature allows for highly accurate differential pressure logging over time.

Zephyr II instruments are designed with the user in mind. The large rubber grip and membrane switch pad ensure comfortable use and one-hand operation, even with gloves on. The optional 3-function probe attaches to the side of the instrument for one-handed operation.

The display and menu system provide step-by-step guides for each operation ensuring minimal need for user training. Data capture is standard and facilitates duct traversing and direct volumetric flow calculations when the size of the duct is entered. 

Zephyr II instruments are stand-alone. The Zephyr II+ with on-board memory can be interfaced to any GrayWolf,  WolfSense, PPC or LAP mobile PC based system via a CF serial card (model ACC-SCDPC) providing the full capabilities of GrayWolf's WolfSense software. 

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Zephyr ll and Zephyr II+ Micromanometers

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