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Honeywell  Biosystems PosiChek3 SCBA Test Bench

Biosystems PosiChek 3
Has Been Superceded by the Posi 3 USB

Honeywell Analytics PosiChek SCBA test bench meets NFPA 1852 mandated annual SCBA flow testing requirements

The Honeywell Analytics PosiChek 3 and the Posi3 USB SCBA Test Benches can perform the required annual calibration tests automatically on all major Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) to NFPA 1852 standards without disassembly or special tools. Flow testing for Scott, MSA, Honeywell (formerly known as Survivair), Dräger, Avon-ISI, and Interspiro SCBA packs.

PosiChek Advantages

Tests positive face piece pressure at two breathing rates:
        Standard work and Maximum work
Tests the SCBA functions for a range of simulated cylinder pressures to ensure
         that the SCBA works as well with a depleted tank as it did with a full cylinder
Tests for low exhalation resistance stay at all work rates.
         A low exhalation resistance means user comfort and minimum leakage
         around the face piece

Tests face piece static pressure against manufacturer's standards
Test the pressure gauge and low pressure alarm function properly
Tests for high pressure or low pressure system leaks
Hard Copy results
Easy to use
Minimal maintenance


Biosystems PosiChek System Head
Honeuywell  PosiChek tester Cylinder Connections

WARNING! Honeywell Analytics equipment should only be used in conjunction with the manufacturer's instructions. Failure to follow such instructions could result in serious injury or fatality.


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