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NFPA 1852 Compliant SCBA Test Bench

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Honeywell Analytics Posi3 USB SCBA Test Bench, Meets NDPA 1852 Criteria
Posi3 USB tests performance of virtually any brand of SCBA

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Posi3 USB Test Bench
Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
and Supplied Air Respirators (SAR) Flow Testers

Immediate verification SCBA are fit for use

Honeywell Posi3 USB flow testers can automatically test all major SCBA air packs without disassembly or special tools,including Scott, MSA, Avon ISI, Interspiro, Draeger, or Honeywell (formerly Survivair). The Posi3 USB evaluates the operational fitness of an SCBA through dynamic tests and functional checks against performance criteria set down by NFPA 1852, OSHA and NIOSH. The PosiChek NFPA-Compliant SCBA Test Bench has USB communication capability.

Honeywell's Biosystems PosiChek family of SCBA test equipment has been the industry standard for thousands of fire departments, refineries, chemical plants and nuclear power stations worldwide since it was first introduced in 1988 by Biosystems. The Honeywell Posi3 USB incorporates a number of hardware and software improvements to keep pace with increasingly rigorous testing criteria.

NFPA 1852 mandates that all compliant SCBA be tested on a calibrated breathing machine before being put into service, serviced or repaired, and at least once per year thereafter. Posi3 USB meets the same stringent NFPA standards as PosiChek3.

The Honeywell Posi3 USB advantage

The Posi3 USB adds USB capability, is portable and easy to carry
Industry's only NFPA-Compliant SCBA test bench
Tests the performance of any brand of SCBA
Automatic pass/fail
The "Quick Test" cycle can evaluate a fully-assembled SCBA in less than 2-minutes
Low Pressure (2216 psig) and High Pressure (4500 psig/5500 psig)
Medium range transducer: lets you dynamically test first stage regulator performance
Includes Honeywell's Biosystems 32-bit SCBA test software
Record keeping: Test results are automatically stored right on your own personal computer
Custom software available directly from virtually all SCBA manufacturers

Testing is easy and automatic:

All you need to do is attach the fully-assembled SCBA to be tested to the Posi3 USB test-head, and choose the tests you wish to conduct. The Complete SCBA Test provides a comprehensive evaluation of the SCBA as required by NFPA 1852 without disassembly..

Facepiece, mask leak-check
Exhalation check-valve opening pressure
Static facepiece pressure test
First breath on regulator activation pressure
Exhalation check-valve opening pressure
Bypass flow-rate
Pressure gauge accuracy
Low pressure alarm activation psi accuracy
Breathing resistance at standard (40 LPM) work-rate
Breathing resistance at maximum (100 LPM) work-rate
Medium pressure transducer lets you dynamically test first stage regulator performance 

Posi3 USB "Quick Test" evaluates fully assembled SCBA in less than 2-minutes: The "Quick Test" performance testing cycle consumes less than 1% of your air supply, and evaluates fully-assembled SCBA in less than 2-minutes! Because so little air is consumed, you can test an SCBA without needing to refill the cylinder before you put it back into service. 

Simplify Record Keeping

The Posi3 USB uses your personal computer to run the tests, store the results, and print reports documenting SCBA performance. Posi3 USB software is available in the generic testing version to meet NIOSH certification. The manufacturer's OEM model specific SCBA software versions to meet NFPA 1852 certification, including MSA, Drager, Interspiro, Avon ISI, and Honeywell (formerly Survivair) can be obtained from Honeywell providing you send a copy of the manufacturer's training certificate with the order. Please note that Scott OEM software must be ordered directly from Scott. If upgrading from a previous PosiChek3 version, you will need to provide a copy of a test report with the manufacturer's name and serial number on it. Contact us for details.

Note: Posi3 USB can NOT be used with the older PosiChek3 software. You can transfer serial numbers and some data, but keep a copy of the PosiChek3 software on another computer to be able to access the older reports.

Honeywell Posi3 USB Ordering Information

Posi3 USB System Description

Part #

Posi3 USB Low & High Pressure (2216 & 4500 psig) manifold, 500 psig Middle Stage Transducer, Enhanced Precision (EP) Transducer and Honeywell Posi3 USB SCBA test software. See minimum PC requirements below.

Posi3 USB with Low & High Pressure (22216 & 4500 psig) manifolds, 500 psig Medium Stage Transducer, Enhanced Precision (EP) Transducer, Sound Detection System (SDS) and Honeywell standard Posi3 USB SCBA test software. See minimum PC requirements below.

Posi3 5500 unit for use with 5500 psig high pressure air packs without sound detection. This system will work on all 4500 psig units as well.

Honeywell Posi3 USB SCBA Test Bench - Low & High Pressure (2216 & 4500/5500 psig), 250 psig medium pressure transducer, Enhanced Precision (EP) Transducer, to test 5500 psi SCBA models, and standard Posi3 USB SCBA test software


Posi3 5500 unit for use with 5500 psig high pressure air packs with sound detection such as MSA. This system will work on all 4500 psig units as well.

Honeywell Posi3 USB SCBA Test Bench - Low & High Pressure (2216 & 4500/5500 psig), 250 psig medium pressure transducer, Enhanced Precision (EP) Transducer, to test 5500 psi SCBA models, Sound Detection System (SDS) and standard Posi3 USB SCBA test software


Posi3 USB  Accessory Shipping List

Standard Shipping List: Posi3 USB, Head Assembly, Low Pressure Manifold, High Pressure Manifold, First Stage Manifold, Head Gasket, 4 Standoffs, 4 Tightening Knobs, CD-ROM with Generic Test Software, Setup Guide, Quick Start Card, USB Cable, Power Cable, 3 High Pressure Replacement O-Rings, 3 Low Pressure Manifold Replacement O-Rings, High Pressure Manifold Replacement Hex-Head Screw, 2 Spare Fuses, Microphone provided with systems with sound detection capablility.


Mandatory Upgrade Notice: After January 1, 2017 Honeywell will no longer upgrade the older PosiChek3 units with the parallel communication port to the USB version. To download the notification please click the link below.

Adobe Acrobat PDF Document Link Mandatory Upgrade Notice

Discontinuation Notice:
The Posi3 USB Models 54-56-1117 & 54-56-2117 models were discontinued effective January 1, 2017

Service and parts, depending on availability, will be offered for the discontinued systems
until December 31, 2021
Adobe Acrobat PDF Document Link Honeywell Analytics Discontinuation Notice

Accessories & Calibration

Pressure reducing regulator and valve assembly
2216 psi adapter for pressure reducing regulator and valve assembly
Replacement test head for Posi3 USB
High pressure exterior manifold, 4500/5500 psi
Low pressure exterior manifold, 2216/3000 psi
Hose assembly, first stage
Rugged Pelican transport case (Posi3 USB base unit only)
Full size Pelican transport case (Holds Posi3 USB base, head and all standard accessories)
Replacement heavy duty cardboard shipping carton with foam insert
(Note: Due to the size of this box, shipping costs tend to be high)
Annual Service Fee and Calibration includes return shipping within the continental US, Alaska and Hawaii. See notes below on service requests.

Minimum PC System Requirements - Professional version of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10 operates on either the 32 and 64 bit systems. Will operate on either a basic desktop or laptop computer with a Pentium 4 processor 2.0 GHz or higher - 512 MB RAM - 50 Mb of available space on hard drive - USB 2.0 port and CD-ROM Drive Windows XP or greater, either 32 or 64 bit processor.

Honeywell Posi3 USB Calibration Requirements

To maintain accuracy and NIST traceability, the Posi3 USB must be calibrated annually. Before returning the Posi3 USB base section to Honeywell, it is important to call the factory first to obtain a Return Authorization (RA) number. When calling have the serial numbers and details of any problems being encountered, if any. The number to call in the US is 1-888-749-8878, then press option "3" for the PosiChek group then option "1" for the service return group.

Shipping the Posi3 USB Base to Honeywell for Annual Calibration

The Posi3 USB Annual Service Fee includes return shipping anywhere in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. Posi3 systems shipped outside of the United States are subject to additional freight, duty and tax fees and are subject to export laws. The Posi3 USB Annual Service Fee does not cover the cost of instrument upgrades, nor does it cover damage or defects caused by abuse, improper packaging, alterations or unauthorized repairs.

The Honeywell Analytics "Annual Calibration and Service Plan"includes calibration, return shipping within the United States, insurance AND any maintenance-related repairs needed by the Posi3 USB. Please call or e-mail inquiries for the current pricing.

Adobe Acrobat PDF Document Link Posi3 USB Service Warranty

Although the Posi3 USB is built to last, it also includes precision components that are designed to detect minute pressure variations. It is important to properly package the Posi3 USB for return shipment to Honeywell Analytics. The Posi3 USB is delivered in special cartons that are designed to protect it from damage during transit. Save the shipping cartons and use them when returning the Posi3 USB to Honeywell Analytics for annual calibration. In addition to the standard shipping box, Honeywell Analytics offers rugged shipping cases made by Pelican®. Photo of the available cases are below.

Improper packaging can result in the following, so consider ordering a Pelican case:

Example of PosiChek3 Being Improperly Packaged for Shipment   

Example of the Result of an
  Improperly Packaged Shipment

54-21-A15 Inside View of Full Size Pelican Case

54-21-A15 Inside View of Pelican Case
for base, head and accessories


Biosystems PosiChek Shipping Cases

PosiChek Shipping Cases
PNs 54-21-A16 and A15 Side-By-Side

54-21-A16 Posi 3 USB Shipping  Case

54-21-A16 Inside View of Pelican Case used for shipping the base unit only.

Terms for Instrument and Accessory Returns:

NOTE: PosiChek systems cannot be returned for credit as they are manufactured to order for each customer. Any accessory returns will incur the Honeywell 30% restocking fee on the list price of the item. To return any instruments or accessories you must request a Return Authorization number prior to returning anything to the factory for credit. This Return Authorization number must be prominently displayed on the outside of the shipping box. All products returned to Honeywell must be sent freight pre-paid, in new condition and in the original cartons with all unopened software, accessories and manuals. The sender is responsible for any carrier loss or damage.

WARNING! Honeywell Analytics equipment should only be used in conjunction with the manufacturer's instructions. Failure to follow such instructions could result in serious injury or fatality.

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