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PROTEC Instrument's RMD LPA-1 Lead-Based Paint XRF spectrum Analyzer for measuring lead in paint on any surface

PROTEC Instrument Corporation's RMD LPA-1
XRF Lead Paint Analyzers
State Radioactive Material License Information

How to get an XRF Operator's License

The LPA-1 and LPXpro XRF systems contains an accelerator produced, radioactive material (NARM) source. Possession and operation of an XRF system containing a radioactive material source require a State license or registration. LPA-1 analyzer can be distributed under a Specific license or a General license where applicable. Such a license is required for PROTEC Instrument Corporation to ship an LPA-1 Lead paint Analysis system.

To find out requirements, contact your local State agency and obtain a copy of the regulations concerning radiation safety and record keeping procedures. Most states will require the applicant to submit:

  1. A license application, including the name and address and the applicant's business, type of business activities, resumes of users, and experience and training with radioactive materials.
  2. A drawing and relevant details of where the device is being stored.
  3. The device safety sheet registration number.
  4. Evidence of training and relevant education.
  5. Transportation and temporary job site provisions.
  6. A formal Radiation Safety Program to address:
    • a. Provisions for storage and safe keeping of the device on and off site.
      b. Provisions for personal monitoring such as film badges and adhering 
          to ALARA concept.
      c. Individual user's training and experience..
      d. Designation of a responsible person named as the 
          Radiation Safety Officer. 

Basic License Application Information

LPA-1 Device Information:
Device Safety Evaluation Number:
Calibration Requirement: 
LPA-1, Lead Paint Analysis System
PROTEC Instrument Corporation
Portable XRF for Measurement of lead in paint.

Source Information:

Radioactive material:
Source manufacturer:
Source Model Number:
Maximum Activity:
Chemical or Physical Form:
Leak Test Frequency:
Type of Leak Test:


Cobalt-57 (Co57)
IPL model 3901 or NAS model 1403.
12 millicurie (12mCi), (444MBq).
Sealed source, Solid.
Wipe test by a commercial leak test company.
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Radioactive Material License Supplemental Information (Word doc)


Listing of State Licensing Agencies


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