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DryCal Primary Air Flow Calibrators

DryCal DC-2 Has Been Discontinued

Bios DryCal ® DC-2 Primary Standard Air Flow Calibrator

The DryCal DC-Lite & the DryCal DC-2 have been replaced by the
DryCal Defender 510, Defender 520 and standardized flow Defender 530+ Calibrators

Click here for information on the DryCal Defender Series

MesaLabs will continue to support customers using DryCal DC-Lite until further notice
Support for the DryCal DC-1 and DC-2 is ending. Download notice below.
Please contact us to obtain additional information.

Download DC-1 & DC-2 End-of_Life Notice

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DryCal DC-2M Air Flow Calibrator Bios DryCal Dc 2MThe DryCal DC-2 primary flow meter is a field portable primary flow standard. The Bios DryCal DC-2 uses near-frictionless piston and photo optic sensing technology to obtain volumetric and standardized volumetric flow readings quickly and accurately. Easy-to-use push button operation has made Bios DryCal DC-2 the preferred primary flow meter of industrial hygienist, environmental scientists and calibration laboratories worldwide.

The DryCal DC-2 uses internal sensors to automatically correct readings for standardized temperature and pressure conditions. Instantaneous readouts for volumetric flow, volumetric flow average, standardized flow, standardized flow average are visible simultaneously on the LCD.

The base also provides an RS-232 PC data logging interface for downloading data directly to your PC and each unit is equipped with a built-in parallel printer port that interfaces with most standard IBM compatible printers for hard copy documentation of flow rate data. BIOS DryCal DC-2 primary flow meters offer extraordinary dependability and long-term low cost of ownership.

Kit Includes: Electronic base, one to three flow cells, single-station charger, tubing and manual.


DryCal DC-2
  • Primary Flow Standard
  • Certified NIST Traceable
  • Interchangeable Flow Cells
  • Temperature/ Pressure Correction
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Fast & Accurate
DryCal DC-2
Simple Operation
The Bios DryCal DC-2 provides the user with accurate volumetric flow readings with the push of a button.

Three Interchangeable Flow Cells
The  Bios DryCal DC-2 has three flow cells cover a broad flow range from 1 ml/min. to 50 Lpm.

Flow Cell Volume is Certified NIST Traceable
The Bios DryCal DC-2 flow cell is made of dimensionally stable Borosilicate glass and is manufactured and characterized to ±0.00005 inch tolerance. At BIOS each glass cylinder is re-measured with NIST traceable standards and certifying documentation is provided with each unit.

Crystal Timing Mechanism Tested With NIST Traceable Frequency Counter
The Bios DryCal DC-2 is periodically re-certified by a NIST traceable laboratory.

Built-in Temperature Sensor
Calibrated using a NIST traceable mercury thermometer with 0.1 °C resolution.

Built-In Atmospheric Pressure Sensor
Bios DryCal DC-2 is set to zero using a high-vacuum pump verified with a mercury manometer. The pressure scale is then set using a NIST traceable Fortin mercury barometer.

Patented Graphite Composite Piston Assembly
Eliminates the inherent inaccuracies and mess associated with bubble soap.

Sealed Lead Acid Battery
Eliminates NiCad battery problems; memory effect and battery burnout from overcharging.

Alphanumeric Display (LCD)
The Bios DryCal DC-2 LCD indicates volumetric flow rate, average volumetric flow, standardized flow rate, average standardized flow and number of readings included in average. (10 readings per averaging sequence or user defined number) 

Continuous Auto-Mode
Flow readings can be taken continuously by the Bios DryCal DC-2 in the auto-mode providing hands-free operation. This feature enables the user to quickly adjust the flow source to a precise flow rate saving time and money.

Charge/ AC Operation
The DryCal Dc-2 can be used while charging.

Built-In Flow Cell Integrity Test
Quality assurance self-test allows the user to periodically verify proper flow cell integrity.

DryCal DC-2 Has Been Tested By NIST
And the Japanese National Laboratory of Metrology and was found to be within ±0.2% of their transfer standards.

Built-In Parallel Printer Port
Interfaces with IBM compatible printers.

RS-232 PC Data Logging Interface
For downloading data directly to a PC.

DryCal DC-2
Size:  5-1/4"W x 9-5/8"Dx 7-3/4"H (133mm x 244mm x 197mm)
Weight: Base and standard cell: 3.75 lb/1698 g
Interchangeable Flow Cell Ranges:
Model Flow Range ±1%  Extended Flow
DC-L (Low Flow): 10 to 300 ml/min 301 mL/min – 500 ml/min
DC-M (Medium Flow): 100 mL/min to 5 Lpm 5.001 LPM – 10 Lpm
DC-H (High Flow): 500ml/min to 30 Lpm 30.001 Lpm – 50 Lpm
Note: All flow cells are interchangeable between DC-2 and the older discontinued DC-1 units.
Battery System: 6V Rechargeable, Sealed lead-acid,  8-10 hours typical operation
AC Battery Charger: Wall-mounted single-station
Input: 100 to 120 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz
Output: 12VDC, 2.5mm charger plug, center positive
(Optional: 200 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz) 
The charger can be used for AC operation.
Note: The standard 120V charger receptacle prongs fit the U.S., Canada, and Japan, while the standard 240V prongs fit much of Europe (with the exception of the U.K). For those requiring alternate prongs, there is an adaptable universal charger that will handle voltage from 100 to 240, with interchangeable prongs to fit usage in almost any country available for an additional cost. For pricing information, please contact us. If you wish to receive the universal charger with your DryCal orders, please provide a description or image of the prong requirement.
Operating Modes: Single cycle, Continuous auto-repeat and 10-reading "Burst" function
Temperature Operating Range: 0 to 55 °C
Printer Port: Standard parallel (IBM/Centronics)
The DryCal Base and the DryCal DC-Lite can be fitted with a parallel to serial converter in order to download information directly to a PC. The DC-2 and Nexus can be connected directly to a PC via the RS-232 port and do not need a converter kit.
Serial Port: Standard serial format: Standard NZR data format, 9600 baud rate, 8-bit data, 1 start, 1 stop, no parity.
Warranty: 1 Year
Note:  The DryCal DC-1 and DC-2 can be used to accurately calibrate all commercially available industrial hygiene and environmental samplers including the MSA Escort "ELF".

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