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Biosystems EXP
Single Channel Fixed Gas Detection Systems
with Explosion Proof Housings
From Sperian Instruments now Honeywell Analytics

Effective May 31, 2011, all Biosystems NXP & Biosystems EXP Fixed Gas Detection Systems
as well as the Biosystems FXC Fixed System Controller were discontinued.
NO replacement sensors or parts are available any longer.

Please click here or contact us for the Otis Instruments alternative systems


EXP Fixed System Sensor HeadBiosystems EXP
Explosion-Proof Housing


Biosystems EXP by Sperian is a single gas fixed placement gas detection system that is cost effective and easy to install.

EXP installation options include:

    1.  stand alone
    2.  integrated into control systems or
    3.  as part of a larger gas detection network

EXP systems come standard with:

  • sleek, tough explosion-proof housing
  • real time LCD readout
  • integrated twin-color LEDs
  • 3 available relays
  • on-board event logger
  • IrDA communication for firmware upgrades and data downloads

    EXP Fixed System Key Features

Tough Explosion-Proof housing protects unit in harsh
       conditions or during washdowns
Integrated, twin color high-intensity LEDs: Yellow for        Warning, Red for Danger

Wide range of customizable options including: alarm
levels and relay modes

On-board event logger records last 128 alarm events.        Event logger has battery backup
Remote sensor option allows you to place the sensor
       up to 100 feet (30m) from base unit — allowing base
       unit to be placed in convenient location
Integrated on-board controller allows EXP to be used
       as a stand alone monitor, a remote sensing head and
       single point control unit or as a transmitter in a        larger system
Easy-to-read 3-digit backlit LCD screen displays real
       time gas readings
Unit can be wired into a controller power supply
Compatible with standard 3 wire 4-20 mA wiring
In stand-alone, single person, non-intrusive        calibration can be done at the sensor head
Sensors can be replaced without declassifying
3 user-available programmable onboard relays:        Warning, Danger & Fault
Fault relay notificaton of power loss or missing        sensor
Optional alarm-latching keeps unit in alarm until        manually disarmed
Twin NPT connection ports for quick connections
       without custom fittings
Firmware upgradable via IrDA connection
Interchangeable smart sensors for easy change
       out without reconfiguration
18 month warranty

    EXP Technical Specifications

Housing Cast Aluminum, Explosion-Proof
Dimensions 7.75" x 6.20" x 4.3" (198 mm x 158 mm x 109 mm)
Weight 4.80 lbs. (2.18 Kg)
Power Source 13-30 VDC @ min 150 mA
Relays 3: Warning, Danger, Fault
Signal Output 4-20 mA; Fault < 2 mA
Temperature Range System components designed to function over range of -4° F to 122° F (-20° C to 50° C)
Type of sensor installed may modify range.
Smart Sensors & Calibration Single sensor capability. Select from CO, H2S, LEL, CO-H, and O2 Audible Alarm
Audible Alarm Integrated 105 dB horn
Visual Alarm Visual Alarm Integrated, twin color high-intensity LEDs. Yellow for Warning, Red for Danger.
Event Logger Records last 128 alarm events
Display Easy-to-read 3 digit backlit LCD screen display
Accessories Cables and Replacement Smart Sensors
Safety Certifications UL Class I, Division 1, Groups B,C,D Temp Code T6
UL Class II, Division 1 Groups E,F,G, and Class III

    EXP CONFIGURATIONS - 3 Installation Options

1. Stand-Alone, Active-React Mode

Perfect for monitoring and remediating occupied or unoccupied areas.

1. Mount the unit on a wall.
2. Connect auxiliary units such as fans, vents or remote alarms.
3. Provide power to the EXP.
4. Calibrate and relax knowing that you have 24/7 gas monitoring.

In case of alarm the unit will:

Activate yellow LEDs for warning
Activate red LEDs for danger
Trigger relays to turn on fans, open or close vents or activate remote        alarms

EXP Fixed System Standalone Use Diagram
EXP Fixed System Controller Mode  Use Diagram

2. Controller Mode

Perfect for adding protection to existing fixed system installations.

1. Mount the unit on a wall.
2. Connect unit to existing 4-20 mA controller circuit.
3. Optionally, connect auxiliary units such as fans, vents or remote     alarms.

Upon alarm the unit will:

Activate yellow LEDs for warning
Activate red LEDs for danger
Notify the central controller of the alert
Trigger the auxiliary relays to turn on fans, open or close vents or        activate remote alarms (if installed)
A/C power supply not required if unit is connected to a controller.

3. Remote Sensing Mode

Perfect for monitoring either explosive* or non-explosive environments; confined spaces or unoccupied spaces.

1. Mount the base unit on a wall.
2. Remotely mount the sensor in the hazard area, up to 100 feet (30 m)     from base unit.
3. Connect the sensor to base unit using remote sensor kit.
4. Provide power to the base unit.
5. Connect auxiliary units such as fans, vents or remote alarms
6. Calibrate

In case of alarm the base unit will:

Activate yellow LEDs for warning
Activate red LEDs for danger
Trigger the auxiliary unit´s to turn on fans, open or close vents or        activate remote alarms, if installed
A/C power supply not required if unit is connected to a controller

     * NOTE: If the sensor is mounted in a potentially explosive        environment, sensor must be connected to the base unit in        compliance with NEC guidelines for hazardous locations.

EXP Fixed System Remote Sensing Use Diagram

    EXP Ordering Information

Part # Description
EXP - Stand Alone
54-62-010 CO, Carbon Monoxide
54-62-020 H2S, Hydrogen Sulfide
54-62-800 LEL, Combustible Gas
54-62-190 CO-H, (CO: reduced sensitivity to H2)
54-62-900 O2, Oxygen
EXP — Remote Sensor
54-62-015 CO, Carbon Monoxide
54-62-025 H2S, Hydrogen Sulfide
54-62-805 LEL, Combustible Gas
54-62-195 CO-H, (CO: reduced sensitivity to H2)
54-62-905 O2, Oxygen
Part # Description
Cable for Potentially Explosive Environment Remote Sensor Kit
54-57-005D 5 ft / 1.5 m sensor cable
54-57-010D 10 ft / 3.0m sensor cable
54-57-050D 50 ft / 15 m sensor cable
54-57-100D 100 ft / 30 m sensor cable
EXP Replacement Sensors
54-57-01S CO, Carbon  Monoxide
54-57-02S H2S, Hydrogen Sulfide
54-57-19S CO-H, (CO: reduced sensitivity to H2)
54-57-80S LEL, Combustible Gas*
54-57-90 O2, Oxygen
* Explosion Proof sensor housing only
WARNING! Honeywell Analytics - Biosystems equipment should only be used in conjunction with the manufacturer's instructions. Failure to follow such instructions could result in serious injury or fatality.

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