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Casella Vortex3 Asbestos Area Sampling Pump with Bluetooth Connectivity

CASELLA - Area Sampling Pumps

VORTEX3 High-Flow Sampling Pump
For Asbestos Worksite Monitoring

with Bluetooth® Connectivity

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Casella Vortex3 Asbestos High-Flow Air Sampling Pump

Casella Vortex3 High Flow Pump for Asbestors Monitoring

Vortex3 Pump
with Airway App Bluetooth Connection

The Casella Vortex3 high flow pumps have a flow range from 5 LPM to 12 LPM for use in asbestos or other work environments that require high flow pumps for air sampling. As with the other Casella instruments, Bluetooth connectivity allows for remote set-up and operation monitoring via the Airwave App over a distance of 82 feet/25 meters. The Vortex pumps use a high capacity Li-Ion battery with a 4 hour runtime @ 12 LPM using a 25mm 0.8 micron filter, or operate using the AC adapter. Easy setup with integral mast and replaceable tubing.
  • Highly visible color display and simple memu
  • Large 4-Button Control for easy use with gloves
  • AC or battery powered
  • Easy set up with the integral mast with replaceable tubing
  • Ergonomically designed case weighing 2.17 Kg | 4.78 lbs
  • IP65 - One-way valves
  • No small crevices for ease of decontamination
  • Flow accuracy of +/- 5%
  • Auto-correcting barometric pressure
  • Interlocking design to carry multiple units
  • Bluetooth capability - only available with Pro version
  • Compatible with Casella's Airwave App for remote control
  • Create notes on the go within the App to save time

    Note: All pumps include 1.8 m tubing, manual, and Certificate of Calibration and Certificate of Conformity. If needed, the CF44 battery charger and the CM362 Rotometer (1-20 LPM) must be ordered separately

Casella Vortex3 High Flow Pump Airway App Screen Shot

Airwave App Screen Information    

Casella Vortex3 High Flow Pump Bluetooth Connectivity


  • Flow range 5-12 LMP
  • Flow control, less than +/- 5% at calibrated point
  • Run duration time
  • Battery or AC powered option
  • Upgrade to Pro version at a later date is not currently available

Vortex3 Pro Adds:

  • Bluetooth capability
  • Pressure Indicator
  • Battery Gauge
  • Remote start & stop

Casella Vortex3 Asbestos Pump Setup

Easy Pump Setup
with Integral Mast

Casella Vortex3, Carry Multiple Pumps Simultaneously

Easily Carry Multiple Pumps
with Built-In Interlocking Mechanism

Casella Vortex3 Color Display

Vortex3 Display

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