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Industrial Hygiene, Safety and Environmental Monitoring Instruments

MesaLabs | Bios DryCal | Defender Flow Calibrator | FlexCal Primary Air Flow Standards

DryCal Defender 510, 520 & 530+ replaced the DryCal DC-Lite & DryCal DC-2 calibrator. True primary flow meter provides accurate volumetric flow & standardized readings traceable to NIST standards. FlexCal MetLab precision calibrator.

TRADE-IN! DryCal Trade-In $200 trade-in for any competitive or discontinued DryCal calibrators. Ends 3-30-20.

Honeywell Analytics

Honeywell Analytics Posi3 USB SCBA Test Bench

Honeywell Posi3 USB automated NFPA-Compliant SCBA test bench testing of all major SCBA air packs without disassembly or special tools,including Scott, MSA, Avon ISI, Interspiro, Draeger, North or Honeywell (formerly Survivair).

Casella - Air Sampling | Noise | Sound Level Meters | Hand & Arm Vibration

Note! Casella "dBadge2" cable free dosimeter with wireless Bluetooth technology. remotely control the dosimeters & view noise exposure data from multiple workers, right on a cellphone or tablet.

Apex2 IS air flow pump and the new VAPex IS low flow personnel air sampling pump, with Bluetooth technology to remotely control pumps.

CEL Type 1 & Type 2 sound level meters, Real Time Analyzers with octave band analyzers.

Casella CEL-712 MicroDust Pro, Dust Detective & Guardian2 site environmental and boundary monitors.

HAVex Tri-Axial Hand and Arm Vibration Meter

Gasco | Calibration Gas

GO GREEN! ecosmart Refillable Cylinders: 44, 58, 66, 116, 650 liter cylinders

Single & multiple gas mixtures for calibration or bump testing of hazardous gas detectors, laboratory, & research instruments. Equivalent calibration gases for Biosystems, Draeger, Quest, Bacharach, Lumidor, Dynamation, Honeywell, ISC, BW Technology, Gas Tech, RAE, AIM, or MSA. Cases, flow control valves, pressure regulators.

Otis Instruments| Fixed Gas Detection
Wired or WireFree™ Systems

Fixed gas detection systems, both wired and WireFree™, from simple plug-in single gas, to control systems with multi-gas monitoring in multiple locations. From O2 to formaldehyde & PID sensors for VOC's. Flame, temp, flow & tank level sensors.

OI-315 Single Gas detectors

Lead Paint XRF Analyzers

The LPA-1 XRF Lead Paint Analyzer is the handheld X-ray fluorescence K-Shell spectrum analyzer for fast quantitative lead paint analysis on various substrates, using a Cobalt 57 source. Lead Paint Inspections can be conducted efficiently with accurate measurements of lead content in 2 to 4 seconds. Reports are swiftly produced by the software after downloading data, and conform to HUD Guidelines Chapter 7.

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Brandt Instruments Environmental & Safety Training

2019-2020 EPA Accredited Lead-Based Paint Training Course Schedule. Sign up for Lead Inspector, Risk Assessor, Supervisor and Project Designer Initial and Refresher classes.

WTRG - Energy Economics
The impact of energy on the economy is on everyone's mind. WTRG Economics provides in-depth analysis, planning, forecast and data services for energy producers and consumers.


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