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GASCO Statement of Quality Assurance of Calibration Gas Mixtures

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Gasco gas mixtures for filling disposable pressure vessels are produced gravimetrically (by weight) using sensitive modern balances capable of weighing the relatively heavy cylinders to an accuracy of plus or minus 0.1 gm.  This equipment allows direct measurement of cylinder content during filling, and eliminates potential errors associated with indirect, manometric (pressure based) mixing techniques, which are subject to inaccuracies due to temperature, gas compressabilities and non-ideal behavior.

The weights used to calibrate the balances are all traceable to National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and NIST standards which ensures standard gas mixtures are of the highest possible accuracy.  High purity precursor gases are used to ensure gravimetric filling calculations hold true.

The certification accuracy of gravimetric mixtures is dependent on the concentration levels of particular components and on molecular weights.
Typically, the accuracy for a given concentration is:

Concentration Certified Accuracy

 5 to 10 PPM depends on components (typically ±10%)
 10 PPM to 50 PPM ±5%
 50 PPM to 1% ±2%
 1% to 10% ±2%
 10% to 50% ±2%
Gasco’s non-refillable products are labeled with the nominal concentration requested by customers.  Gasco does not use the exact values from the production process.  Thus there is a tolerance which must be added to this figure, which is typically:

Concentration Certified Accuracy

 10 to 50 PPM ±20%
 50 PPM to 1% ±10%
 1% to 10% ±10%
 10% to 50% ±5%
Where analytical work is required to certify minor components, the accuracy is plus or minus 2%.

Gasco’s non-refillable pressure vessels are filled and supplied in accordance with their ISO 9001 procedures.  All incoming materials are checked and inspected for conformance to agreed specifications.  All dispatched products are inspected for quality and aesthetics.


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