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Casella - TUFF Personal Sampling Pumps
Intrinsically Safe Pumps with Extended Run NiMH Batteries
Designed for Hostile Working Environments

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TUFF Personal Air Sampling Pumps

The Tuff pumps have been discontinued effective
January 1, 2017 and replaced by
the Apex2 IS pumps

The TUFF personal air sampling pumps incorporate true volumetric flow control circuitry providing precise control over sample rates/volumes. A wide flow range from 500 ml/min to 4.5 l/min makes them perfect for sampling for fumes, asbestos and other particulates. Addition of a low-flow adapter facilitates flow rates as low as 5 ml/min, making them ideal for sampling for gasses and vapors.

A slim line LCD display shows flow rate, volume sampled, elapsed sample time, ambient temperature, current operating mode and program details; depending on the model options. Displayed parameters are updated in real-time.

Both Intrinsically Safe (IS) and non-IS pumps have the following options

              TUFF 3 Models:
             800 to 3000 ml/m
  TUFF 4 Models
 800 to 4500 ml/m
  simple manual control air monitoring
               Plus:          adds programmable duration sampling
               Pro:           adds advanced programming features


             (Use a low flow adapter for flow rates below 800)
                       - IEC Ex, ATEX & UL listed -

Power for the TUFF pumps is provided by the rechargeable 4.8V NiMH battery packs which provides over 40 hours of run time at 2 liters per minute flow rate..

TUFF pumps are extremely rugged and IP54 rated gasket sealed case protects against the ingress of unwanted moisture and dust. They are a perfect choice for even the most hostile of industrial environments. With their simple 4-botton operation, easy menu navigation, outstanding run times and performance, TUFF pumps provide excellent functionality and value for the money.   
                       Adobe Acrobat pdf format - Casella Tuff Pump Brochure Casella TUFF Brochure

Casella Tuff Personal Air Sampling Pumps with Enhanced NiMH Battery
Casella TUFF Pump
(5-½" x 3-½" x 2" / 17 oz)

Part # P303110 single TUFF Standard pump with NiMH battery pack

Part # P303111 single TUFF 3 Standard pump with NiMH battery pack and 197020B universal charger unit

TUFF Pump Key Features

Key Features: Casella TUFF Standard Pumps

TUFF Standard personal sampling pumps are an excellent entry model for conducting basic sampling

  Simple manual ON/OFF control
  Easy 4-button user interface with security lockout
  LCD Display: elapsed run time counter & run mode
  Simple battery life indication
  Available in two versions
        TUFF 3 model with flow rates up to 3.0 l/m
        TUFF 4 model with extended flow rates up to 4.5 l/m
  Flow rate set with an external flow calibrator or rotameter
  Use a low flow adapter for flow rates 5 to 200 ml/m for gas/vapor measurements
  Stable flow settings for reliable operation during use
  Choice of regular or enhanced rechargeable NiMH battery pack
  Available with or without drop in charger unit
  High visibility LEDs for error condition warnings
  Reinforced LCD screen on top of pump
  Case has rubberized feel finish which resists dirty finger prints
  Multi-language instrument firmware and Windows™ Pump Manager software
  Easy field replaceable inlet port in case of damage
  Inlet port filter to minimize entry of fine dust particles in very dirty nvironments
  Run times up to 45 hours at 2 l/m with 25 mm GFA filter
  Available singly and in three or five packs in a strong toolbox kit case
  No pump upgrade capability


Casella Tuff Sampling Pump Display Showing Inlet Filter,Alarm LEDs & Battery Level

Casella TUFF Pump Display

(Click on Images for Larger View)


Casella Tuff Personal Sampling Pump Features

Casella TUFF Pump Features

Part # P303110 model TUFF 3 Standard pump with battery pack and no charger P303110

Key Features: Casella TUFF Plus Pumps

The TUFF Plus pumps have all the features of the TUFF Standard with the additional option for fixed duration measurements

  Programmable Run Duration
  LCD Display: flow set point, real time flow rate, accumulated sample time and volume.
  Simple battery life indication
  Use with all Casella and other major brands of sampling heads and accessories
  Very stable volumetric control of flow rate with ±3% flow accuracy 
  Long term stability between calibrations
  Recharges NiMH battery in less than 3 hours using the drop-in fast single charger
  3-way charging station recharges batteries in less than 5 hours
  TUFF Plus model is upgradeable to TUFF Pro model version


Casella 3-Way Charger for Tuff Pumps

TUFF Pump 3-Way Charging Station

Part # 3 x P304220 TUFF 4 Plus pumps with enhanced NiMH battery packs and 197021B 3-way charger

TUFF pump three way drop-in charger is powered by the universal 12 Vdc plug top transformer

Key Features: Casella TUFF Pro Pumps

The Pro pumps have all the features of the TUFF Standard and Plus models plus delayed start and stop run modes with built in timers and datalogging.

  Advanced program functionality & download capabilities
       Up to 9 delayed start and stop run modes with built-in timers
       Fixed duration sampling time
       Stores up to 100 runs in memory
       TWA on/off representative sampling regime over the entire run

  LCD Display: flow rate, volume sampled, elapsed sample time, ambient temperature
        current operating mode & program details.

   Displayed parameters are updated in real-time.

  Very stable volumetric control of flow rate ±3% flow accuracy
  Long term stability between calibrations
 Intelligent battery management
       The 3-way charger recharges batteries in less than 5 hours
       Single fast charger recharges batteries in less than 3 hours.
       Intelligent "fuel gauge" display shows the true battery life remaining
  Use with all Casella and other major brands of sampling heads and accessories
  Infrared (IR) wireless PC communication with TUFF Pro model
  Windows™ Pump Manager software available for the TUFF Pro models

 Casella Tuff Sampling Pump in Hostile Environment in the Sand

TUFF Pump in Hostile Sand Environment

Part # P304320 single TUFF 4 Pro pump with enhanced NiMH battery pack

Part #
P304320/K5 5 pack kit of TUFF 4 Pro pumps with enhanced battery pack and 2 x 3 way charger units, infra red interface and software in tool box style kit case


Other TUFF Pump Accessories

Pump Manager Software

  Infrared (IR) link adapter eliminates the need for cables to connect the pump to a computer.
  Simply line up the IR ports on the adapter and the pump in line of-sight about 2 to 3 inches apart and the Casella Pump Manager software takes control of the communications
  All completed runs in the pump are automatically transferred to the computer
  Use the IR link adapter to send setup configurations to a TUFF Pro version pump for delayed start and stop runs
  IR link and Pump Manager Software are included with all TUFF Pro 5 pack kits
  Software available as an option with smaller numbers of TUFF pump kits based on individual user's requirements
Sampling Accessories
   Filter heads
   Sampling media
   Bubblers and impingers
   Tubing, gas bags


Casella Personal Pump Sampling Accessories including Filters, Sampling Media

Casell TUFF Pump with IR Link to PC Computer

TUFF Pump with IR-link Adapter

Casella TUFF Pro Pump - Windows Pump Manager Reports

Pump Manager Reports

Casella TUFF Standard, Plus & Pro Model Comparison
(Applies to Both IS and Non-IS Versions)

TUFF Standard

Flow Rates:

3000 ml/m in TUFF 3 Models
4500 ml;/m in TUFF 4 Models

Battery Pack: Enhanced battery pack 2.7 Ah

Simple Run Mode: Set flow rate, then manually start & stop the pump

Duration Run Mode: Program a fixed sampling time using the pump keypad. The pump will turn off at the selected time.


TWA Mode: Sampling a set volume at a low flow rate and needs this to be a representative sample over a longer sampling time.


Program Schedule Mode: Two sets of START & STOP timers with up to 9 ON/OFF routines for each program


Infrared (IR) Download Mode: IR wireless communication with PC Software. Download up to 99 events from the pump memory

All TUFF models comply with NIOSH 0600, EN1232 and MDHS 14/3 methods


Adobe Acrobat pdf format - Casella TUFF Pump Function Selection Matrix Casella TUFF Pump Function Selection Matrix

Tuff Pump Kit

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