RMD LPA-1 XRF Lead Paint Spectrum Analyzer used in Lead Inspections Measuring Lead-Based Paint Concentrations.

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PROTEC Instrument's RMD LPA-1 Lead-Based Paint XRF spectrum Analyzer for measuring lead in paint on any surface

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RMD now PROTEC Instruments Products LPA-1 XRF spectrum analyzer system for analyzing lead in paint

PROTEC Instrument Corporation's RMD LPA-1 Lead-Based Paint Analyzer is a state-of-the-art XRF spectrum analyzing system for measuring lead in paint on any surface. The LPA-1 Analyzer provides fast, accurate measurement of lead content in as little as 2 to 4 seconds with a 95% confidence level, thereby assuring the highest level of productivity for an inspector.

The LPA- 1 method of measurement is based on the spectrometric analysis of lead K-shell X-ray fluorescence within a controlled depth of interrogation. Various studies have concluded that K-shell x-ray measurement of lead in paint is more accurate and the preferred method for XRF analysis. Unlike L-shell X-rays, K-shell X-rays can easily go through the paint without being affected by the thickness and the composition of various layers of paint that can cause false readings. The controlled depth concept used exclusively in the design of the LPA- 1 restricts the penetration of the energetic K-shell X-rays into the substrate to 3/8" so that the system cannot be mislead by the presence of lead pipes or other objects located deep in a wall.

The LPA-1 system has gone through satisfactory CRCPD device safety reviews for distribution under both Specific and General licenses. XRF Performance Characteristic Sheet (PCS) is available for download.

The LPA-1 Advantages 

  •  K-Shell XRF has no L-Shell limitations (see HUD Guidelines Chapter 7). 
  •  Compact footprint fits where other systems can't such as window tracks & wells, and narrow moldings. 
  •  Measurement depth of 3/8" means no false positives due to hidden pipes in walls, or readings on the other side of walls or doors. 
  •  18 hour system battery life puts in a long days work. 
  •  Quick battery charge time of 1.5 hours without NiCad memory problems or possibility of overcharge. 
  •  Stores up to 4,000 readings 
  •  Weighs less than 3 lbs with battery 
  •  Selectable action level 
  •  Highly reliable solid state CdTe sensor 
  •  2 Years parts and labor warranty 
  •  Fast readings without decision trees 
  •  Automatic substrate correction 
  •  Maximizes productivity & reduces job time 

XRF Lead Paint Analyzer with Portable Data Recorder

HP iPac Screen Shot of Date Entry Screen Showing Drop Down Menus & Lead Value From the LPA-1

Screen Shot of Data Entry Screen
Showing Drop-Down Menus & Lead Value
Sent to the PDA From the LPA-1

LPA-1 with the Portable Data Recorder (PDR)

PROTEC Instrument Corporation's Portable Data Recorder (PDR) option is a low-cost, lightweight data-entry solution for lead inspectors in the field.  The PDR is designed to run on a hand held PC running Windows® software.  It allows the lead inspector to quickly and easily gather data in the field without any limitations.  PDR interfaces with the Report Generation Software (RGS), streamlining data entry and allowing the inspector to produce reports more quickly and efficiently.


Features include the following.

  •  Lightweight PDR option.
  •  Fully customizable software. 
  •  Create your own structures, substrates, and more. 
  •  Auto save feature prevents data loss. 
  •  Auto reminder feature keeps you synchronized with your LPA-1. 
  •  Enter calibrations, comments, and cover sheets. 
  •  View your work with preview feature. 
  •  Export your data as comma-delimited text. 
  •  Interfaces with the RMD software or
  •  Download & merge the LPA-1 data directly to the PDR.. 
  •  Easy merge feature to laptop or standard PC.

Operating Modes: Flexibility & Speed of Measurement

LPA-1 XRF Lead Paint Analyzer's Quick Mode


There are three measurement modes of operation in the LPA- 1 analyzer:

  •  Standard Mode
  •  Quick Mode
  •  Time Corrected

In "Standard Mode ", the operator selects a fixed measurement time which remains constant regardless of the lead signal.

LPA-1 Quick Mode Readings in 2-4 Seconds

In "Quick Mode", the analyzer seeks the shortest period of time to assure a definitive measurement with 95% confidence (2sigma). The LPA- 1 analyzer concludes a measurement once the 2 sigma confidence level is achieved, typically between 2 to 4 seconds depending on the action level and the lead content.

For calibration checks, the user selects the "Time Corrected" mode. The Time Corrected mode is a 30-second Standard Mode equivalent time corrected for the life of the source.

The fast analysis capability of the LPA-1 analyzer is complemented with a data storage capacity of 4000 data points. After completing the lead inspection, the measurement results may be transferred from the LPA-1 to a computer at the inspectors convenience via an RS-232/USB communication link. The easy to use LPA- 1 Report Generating Software creates a simulation of the actual inspection site with icons for doors, windows, steps, etc.

RMD LPA-1 Lead Paint Analyzer

Manual or Interactive Mode

The LPA-1 can be used in either the "Manual: or "Interactive Mode". The Interactive Mode allows the user to input all the sample parameters and notes, and at the completion of an LPA-1 reading, that lead value is sent directly from the LPA-1 to the PDR system. Therefore, all lead inspection report information is contained in the PDR system streamlining the Inspection Report production process.

Manual Mode is used independent of direct connection to the LPA-1. Manual Mode allows the user to enter all the reading parameters into the PDR system and then quickly transferred, merged with the LPA-1 readings and opened using the report generation software (RGS) to produce the Lead Inspection Reports.


EPA RRP Regulations Require Lead-Safe Renovator Certification

EPA RRP Regulations - Lead Safe Certified Renovators

40 CFR 745.80 Subpart E pertains to work practices that disturb lead based paint in pre-1978 homes, child care facilities and schools. Federal laws encompass renovation of more that 6 square feet of painted interior surfaces, 20 square feet of exterior painted surfaces, window replacement or demolition in housing, child care facilities and schools built before 1978.  Acceptable test methods include:

  • taking paint chip samples & sending them to a certified laboratory for analysis
  • using an EPA approved basic wet chemistry test kit
  • using a handheld XRF instrument

LPA-1 Lead Paint Spectrum Analyzer Package

RMD LPA-1 Lead Paint Inspection System
  •  LPA-1 XRF Analyzer
  •  (2) Rechargeable batteries - 8 hours normal use
  •  Battery Charger - Quick charge in 1.5 hours
  •  (2) surface stabilizers
  •  Standard reference material for calibration - 1.0 mg/cm2 NIST traceable
  •  Instruction manual 
  •  Computer RS-232 interface cable 
  •  Windows® based Report Generation Software (RGS)
  •  Software instruction manual
  •  Foam-lined carrying case
  •  Optional Portable Data Recorder (PDR), connection bracket, standard PDA accessories & PDR Synch Software.
  •  Warranty: parts & labor 2 years

PROTEC Instrument Corporation

RMD LPA-1 Lightweight

With a long heritage built on a continuum linking science, research and technology, PROTEC Instrument Corporation has a strong commitment to innovation and a successful track record of bringing technology to market. Founded in 1977 as RMD Instruments, PROTEC Instrument Corporation’s principle Products and Technology business unit and has been re-engineered to accelerate the pace of commercialization through organic programs, licensing and acquisitions.

PROTEC Instrument Corporation will continue to be committed to providing total support to their customers through innovative products and services.


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