RMD LPA-1 XRF Lead Paint Spectrum Analyzer used in Lead Inspections Measuring Lead-Based Paint Concentrations.

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LPA-1 XRF Lead Paint Inspection Analyzer System
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PROTEC Instrument's RMD LPA-1 Lead-Based Paint XRF spectrum Analyzer for measuring lead in paint on any surface

PROTEC Instrument's RMD LPA-1

XRF Spectrum Analyzer For Conducting Lead-Based Paint Inspections


How does XRF work? 

  • The surface to be measured is irradiated with gamma rays that excite the emission of K shell x-rays.  The gamma ray source in the LPA-1 XRF is an isotope of cobalt, Co57.  The x-rays are then collected by a solid state radiation detector within the analyzer.  The lead concentration is then computed and displayed in mg/cm2. 
  • The LPA-1 method of measurement is based on the spectrometric analysis of lead K-shell x-ray fluorescence in a controlled depth of paint.  K-shell energy can easily go through the paint without being affected by different thickness and composition of various layers of paint that can cause false readings.  Controlled depth used in the design of the LPA-1 XRF Lead Paint Analyzer restricts the penetration of the energetic K-shell x-rays into the substrate.  The system cannot be misled by the presence of lead pipes or other objects located deep in a wall.

What makes the LPA-1 so fast?

RMD LPA-1 Lead Inspection Instrument Showing Completed Lead Content Reading
  • In designing the instruments, RMD, now PROTEC Instrument Corporation, worked with government agencies and the inspection community to understand the issues facing the lead paint inspector.  Productivity and portability consistently came back as themes in almost all of the discussions.  Utilizing their extensive knowledge in microprocessor based analytical instrumentation, the engineers designed an intelligent instrument that acquires and analyzes data simultaneously.  In addition, the LPA-1 are true spectrum analyzers.  While some instruments require the user to visually evaluate a spectrum and interpret results, the LPA-1 are intelligent enough to acquire a spectrum, interpret it, and compute a result without help from the user.  They perform this process faster and more accurately then can possibly be done by the human eye giving it astounding speed of measurement. 

How long is the half life for CO57 and when do I resource the instrument?
  • The half life for CO57 is approximately nine months (272 days).  The source will decay at the same rate whether the instrument is used once or a million times.  It is not necessary, however, to change the source after one half life.  The source in the LPA-1 can be used well beyond nine months.  In fact the instrument’s intelligence will automatically adjust for the age of the source in Quick Mode or when using the Time Corrected Mode during calibration checks.  The recommended source change is 15-18 months. 
How much radiation is an operator exposed to by the LPA-1?
  • The LPA-1 Analyzer contains a maximum of 12 mCi (millicurie) of Cobalt 57 (Co57) radioactive material sealed, and housed in a tungsten shield inside the instrument.  The source can only be exposed when the system is in contact with a surface.  The low activity of the source and the shield, along with proper operation results in no radiation hazard to the operator.  The radiation dose rate at the operators hand is approximately 0.3 mRem/hr (Millirem per hour) with the shutter open or closed.  This is substantially below the permissible dose rate.  The LPA-1 Analyzer has been through the Device Safety Evaluation Review and is a nationally registered device. 
Has the LPA-1 been issued a Product Characteristic Sheet (PCS)?
  • The LPA-1 has been issued a Performance Characteristic Sheet (PCS).  Call us to obtain a copy. It is also available for downloading from our website, the HUD website or by calling the HUD clearing house at 1-800-424-LEAD. 
What is required before PROTEC Instruments can deliver my LPA-1?
  • In order to deliver any LPA-1 three items must be completed. 

    1. The user must receive a license or registration from the local state agency. Some states accept a general license. (Call for the LPA-1 Specification & Licensing Requirements for instructions).  A copy of the device specific license or general license registration approval may be mailed or faxed to PROTEC Instruments prior to shipment. 
    2. The user must complete a factory authorized training course.  The training, which is provided by an authorized representative of PROTEC Instruments, can be completed in one day and is included in the purchase price. 
    3. Payment must be arranged and confirmed.  Accepted methods include, a certified or bank check, a signed and approved lease agreement, or an institution or government purchase order. 
Do I have to go to Watertown Massachusetts to be trained?
  • While customers are always welcome to train and tour the facility in Watertown, MA, PROTEC Instruments holds regular training sessions around the country.  Contact us for exact location and dates. Safety training is also available on line. Contacy us for details.
Can I finance the LPA-1 instrument? If so, how?
  • For those who wish to finance their purchase, PROTEC Instruments works through several leasing companies to allow customers to spread out payment in convenient monthly installments.  Contact PROTEC Instruments for a list of lease-to-own companies.

Will the software run on my computer?

  • The software is compatible with all Windows® operating systems 

What is included in the LPA-1 Lead Paint Spectrum Analyzer Package?

RMD LPA-1 XRF Analyzer Showing the Kit Contents
  • (1) XRF Analyzer
  • (2) Rechargeable batteries
  • Battery Charger
  • (2) stabilizers
  • Standard reference material for calibration
  • Instruction manual 
  • Computer interface cable 
  • Windows® based software
  • Software instruction manual
  • Foam-lined carrying case
  • Optional portable hand held PC
  • Warranty: parts & labor – 2 years

How long has RMD / PROTEC Instruments been in the instrumentation business?

RMD LPA-1 Lightweight Lead Paint Analyzer RMD Instruments, now PROTEC Instrument Corporation, has been producing quality nuclear instrumentation since 1974, and is one of a few companies in the world with the technology to produce Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) for commercial use, a critical component in the detection of X-rays in the LPA-1 Analyzer.  Some of the other products include nationally recognized surgical probes for radiological medicine and imaging, safety monitors for nuclear power plants, systems for nuclear surveys, and quality control instruments for analyzing composite and plastic materials.  PROTEC Instrument Corporation has always been committed to providing total support to their customers through innovative products and services


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