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DryCal® Pro Calibrator Software

Using DryCal® Technology

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MesaLabs Bios DryCal® Pro Software
Defender 510, 520 & 530+
Primary Standard Flow Calibrator

Air Flow Calibrator with DryCal® Technology

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MesaLabs Bios DryCal® Pro Software

Take your flow measurement one step further -
Record measurements to a PC with DryCal® Pro software!










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MesaLabs Bios Defender 500 Series Primary Flow Calibrator

Defender 500 Series


MesaLabs Bios DryCal Pro Software for Defender 500 series and Definer 220 Primary Flow Calibrators

MesaLabs BiosDefender 510 and 520, Defender 530+ and the FlexCal calibrators can use the DryCal Pro basic software for bullet-proof transfer of volumetric and standardized flow data for automatic recording and graphing of flow measurements.

The DryCal Pro software helps to meet the needs of ISO, TQM, or occupational health and safety management systems by providing a secure audit trail for all pump calibrations, regardless of the pump type or manufacturer.

MesaLabs Bios DryCal Pro Brochure DryCal Pro Brochure

MesaLabs Bios DryCal® Pro Basic Software

Allows users to download data directly from a Bios Defender 510, 520, 530 or a MetLab Definer 220 calibrator to a Microsoft Excel® preconfigured spreadsheet for easier collection, storage and record-keeping.

  Real-time data monitoring

  Enter flow rates from pumps or other flow source and calibrate the flow source

  Record the time stamp of data during real-time data recording

  Data recording can be controlled through both manual push button and remotely by computer

  Data can be saved in common Microsoft® office templates making it more useful and flexible to utililize and share

  Built in "Help" file/manual for quick and easy troubleshooting

  Upload the latest version of the firmware to your Bios DryCal® Defender or Definer calibrators

  Compatible with Microsoft Excel® versions 2003 & later

  Operating Systems: Windows® XP, Windows® 7 both 32 and 64 bit versions

 DryCal® Pro Software is available at no charge from the download site at:



MesaLabs Bios DryCal® Pro Enhanced Software

 For use with the MetLab Series Instruments

 DryCal Pro Enhanced requires operation with Mesa Labs Integrator 110

All the features of DryCal Pro Basic, plus...

 Use DryCal Pro to control all flow measurement and data collection options

 Perform automated flow verifications and calibrations of analog mass flow controllers (MFC)

 Perform manual data entry for the Device Under Test (DUT)
           -Set MFC warm-up time
           -Set point dwell point time
-Set individual readings per set point

 Export data to a calibration template to maintain a secure audit trail for individual devices

 Upload the latest version of the firmware to your Bios DryCal instrument

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