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Defender 530+ Plus Primary Flow Calibrator
DryCalPro Software
Using DryCal® Technology

Bios International is now a division of MesaLabs

MesaLabs Bios Defender 530+
Standardized & Volumetric Flow Measurement
Primary Standard Air Flow Calibrator
Air Flow Calibrator with DryCal® Technology

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MesaLabs DryCal Defender 530+
Laboratory, Industrial, Environmental
Primary Fow Calibrator

The Defender 530+, a true primary air flow calibrator, for use in laboratory, critical industrial process control and environmental applications, replaced the Definer 220 MetLab series of calibrators in January 2017.

The Defender 530+ allows users to verify gas flow rates in the field or in the lab to an accuracy of ±1% percent for readings standardized for temperature and pressure and ±0.75% in the volumetric flow mode. Available with flow rates from 5 cc to 30 liters

Unlike thermal mass flow meters, the Defender 530+’s positive displacement technology provides immediate indication of actual volumetric gas flow rate – accurately and independently of gas type. Integrated temperature and pressure sensors in the flow stream allow users to automatically standardize volumetric flow readings to standard conditions,rather than just recording the values, for traceable verifications of mass flow devices.

The Defender 530+ is easy to use. Turn it on, connect it to the instrument being calibrated and start taking readings. It's as simple as that. Calibrations within a minute with no messy soap bubble solutions to wait on or clean up or warm-up times.. Take hands-free continuous readings while quickly and accurately setting the flow rate on air sampling pumps or other instruments. The Defender calibrators connect to any PC and pre- and post-calibration data can be downloaded to the DryCal® Pro software. 

The MesaLabs Defender Model Overview

Defender 500 Series Model Flexibility Depending on Application
  •  Defenders available in three different models depending on application
    1. Defender 510: volumetric flow calibration of personnel or area monitoring air samplers
    2. Defender 520: enhanced volumetric flow calibration with ability to record ambient temperature and pressure conditions for audit trails
    3. Defender 530+: calibrate using volumetric flow readings or standarized readings which correct for temperature and pressure, and calibrate devices that read in mass flow
  •  Choose between flow units
    • – Volumetric: mL/min, L/min, cc/min, or cf/min
    •   Standardized: smL/min, L/min, cc/min, scf/min
  •  Include up to one hundred readings in a group average
  •  Take individual readings, continuous hands-free readings, or set to read in time intervals anywhere from one minute to sixty minutes between readings
Defender 530+ Accuracy
  • Accuracy of ±1% percent for readings standardized for temperature and pressure and ±0.75% for volumetric flow readings
  • MesaLabs is a fully accredited ISO-17025 facility with a 0.08% Scope of Accreditation for gas flow by NVLAP of NIST.
  • Integrated temperature sensors and pressure transducers placed directly in the flow stream for optimum standardized results.
Ease of Use
  •  Housed in a molded case with rubber handgrips for a better feel
  •  Large illuminated flow cell viewing window
  •  Navigation menu and a large, illuminated graphical display with zoom feature
  •  Rated for extreme cold operation, down to -20 ºC
  •  RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant for Europe
  •  Automatic Shutoff
Proven DryCal Technology Defender 530 Specifications

MesaLabs Bios Defender 530+ Specifications

Size 5.5"H x 6"W x 3"D
140 mm x 150 mm x 75 mm
Weight 29 oz. / 820 g
Flow Ranges  
   DryCal Defender Low (L) Flow: 5 to 500 ccm
   DryCal  Defender Medium (M) Flow: 50 - 5,000 ccm 
   DryCal Defender High (H) Flow: 300 - 30,000 ccm
   Volumetric ±1.0%
   Standardized ±0.75% *
   * At gas pressure of 760 mmHg, and a gas temperature of 25º centigrade with standardization      temperature set to 0º centigrade.
User-Selectable Measurement Units
   Volumetric Flow mL/min, L/min, cc/min, cf/min
   Standarized Flow smL/min, sL/min, scc/min, scf/min
   Pressure mmHg, PSI, kPa
   Temperature ºC, ºF
   Approximate Time per Reading 1-15 seconds
   Reading Styles Single (manual), Continuous or Burst, with averaging function user-selectable from 1 to 100 measurements
Gas Compatibility Use with non-corrosive, non-condensing, non-combustible gases, less than 70% humidity
Flow Modes Suction or Pressure
Measurement Cell Style Integrated
Temperature & Pressure Sensor
In the flow stream
Pressure: ±3.5 mmHg (typical), ±7.0 mm (max)
Temperature: ±0.8 °C (typical), ±1.3 °C (max)
Battery System  
   AC Adapter/Charger 12 DC, >250 ma, 2.5 mm, center positive
   Battery 6V rechargeable, sealed lead-acid, 6-8 hours typical operation
   Battery Operational Time  (5 cycles/min), 3 hours backlight on, 8 hours backlight off
Pressure & Suction Fittings Swagelok® fittings (models L and M, 1/4" and model H only 3/8") and is shipped with a barb adapter for use with soft tubing if needed.
Display Backlit graphical LCD
Storage Temperature 0-70 °C
Ambient Humidity 0-70% - non-condensing
Operating Pressure  (Absolute) 15 PSI
Warranty Instrument: 1 year, Battery: 6 months
Data Port
Serial RS-232 (for use with DryCal Pro software)
Data Cable 1 meter (Defender Data Port to PC Serial Port)
Protective Case Pelican cases available
Laboratory Accreditation Instruments are manufactured and calibrated by MesaLabs accredited to the ISO 17025, ANSI Z540, and NIST Handbook 150 standards. Traceability to the International System of Units (SI) and NIST is verified by accreditation to the ISO/IEC 17025.
Instrument Certification RoHS and CE Compliant


                DryCal® Pro Software

MesaLabs Bios DryCal Pro Software for Defender 500 series and Definer 220 Primary Flow Calibrators

The Defender 510 and 520, Defender 530+ calibrators can use the DryCal Pro software for bullet-proof transfer of volumetric and standardized flow data and have automatic recording and graphing of flow measurements.

These records can also be easily opened in a variety of off-the-shelf database applications, including Microsoft Excel or Access.

  Proven DryCal Technology

       Bios Defender 510, 520 and 530+
Calibrator Kit Options & Pricing

MesaLabs Bios Defender 510, 520 & 530+ Calibrators Include: Instrument, 100-240V AC Power Adapter/Charger with US plug configuration,, NIST-Traceable Calibration Certificate, Mini-Manual and instructions for downloading the free DryCal Pro Software. The 510 & 520 calibrators have standard barb fittings with (2) Plastic Leak Test Caps and a Serial Cable. The 530+ calibrators have Swagelok® fittings (models L and M, 1/4" and model H only 3/8") and are shipped with a barb adapter for use with soft tubing if needed, (1) Plastic Leak Test Cap and USB cable.

* Calibrators come standard with US chargers
Adapter plugs available for use in Australia, UK or Europe
For each additional plug add $5.75

Brandt instruments, Inc. are the distributor for MesaLabs calibrators only in the US.
Please contact us for special web pricing.

Overseas customers please contact your local distributor for pricing which includes international shipping charges, import duties and local taxes.

Part Number


Flow Range *

200-510-L Defender 510-Low Flow 5 to 500 mL/min
200-510-M Defender 510-Medium Flow 50 ml/min to 5 LPM
200-510-H Defender 510-High Flow 300 ml/min to 30 LPM
200-520-L Defender 520-Low Flow 5 to 500 mL/min
200-520-M Defender 520-Medium Flow 50 ml/min to 5 LPM
200-520-H Defender 520-High Flow 300 ml/min to 30 LPM
530+ Plus
200-530+L Defender 530+ Low Flow 5 to 500 mL/min
200-530+M Defender 530+ Medium Flow 50 ml/min to 5 LPM
200-530+H Defender 530+ High Flow 300 ml/min to 30 LPM

* Defender 510 = ±1% of reading volumetric.
* Defender 520 = ±1% of reading volumetric, includes temperature and pressure recording
* Defender 530+ =..±0.75% of reading volumetric, ±1% of reading standardized for temperature & pressure


Trade-In Program Extended

$200 DryCal Calibrator Trade-In Program

MesaLab Bios DryCal or Competive Calibrators*

For each DC-1, DC-2, DryCal DC-Lite or competitive calibrator,
receive $200 off of the prices above. Expires March 30, 2020.

Easy 1-2-3 Procedure:

1. Provide us with the serial number & model of your trade-in calibrator. We will provide you with a quote including the trade-in discount.
2. Place an order for the new Bios Defender calibrator.
3. We will provide you with an RMA to return the trade-in to Bios and promptly return the trade-in calibrator to Mesa within 2 weeks of receiving your new Defender. Customer is responsible for all shipping charges associated with the returned unit.

* Note: One for one trade-in policy on new units

Trade-In Details Brochure


Note: MesaLabs now require that we post only list pricing
Please call or e-mail us at the numbers below for our web pricing


Proven DryCal Technology

MesaLabs Defender 530+ Accessories
Software, Hardware & Cases


Part #
Accessory Description

US $


100-222 Bios Universal  Adapter/Charger
Adapter/Charger Universal

Universal 100-240V, 12 VDC with USA plug configuration. For UK, Europe or Australia add adapter plug below.
Adapter/Charger Plug for Defender 510 & 520
For use with universal adapter, additional plug configurations for UK, Europe or Australia, please specify which adapter
Leak Test Plug For
Defender 530+
Leak test plug to fit 1/4" Swagelok® fitting, models L and M
Leak Test Plug 3/8
Leak Test Plug
Leak test plug to fit 3/8" Swagelok® fitting, model H only
100-411 MesaLabs Bios Defender 530+ 3/8" Swagelok barbed bitting for H Model
Fitting, Barbed
3/8" Swagelok® barbed fitting, model H
3/8' Swagelok® ferrule, Model H
Swagelok® Reducer
3/8"ť Swagelok® to 1/4'ť Swagelok® reducer, Modell H
Ferrule & Nut
Swagelok® Nut and Ferrule set 3/8" for model H
100-450 MesaLabs Bios Defender 1/4' Swagelok barbed fitting L & M models
Fitting, Barbed
1/4" Swagelok® barbed fitting, model L&M
100-420 Bios Plain Tubing by the Foot
Tubing by the Foot
Tygon, laboratory grade, 1/4" ID, 3/8" OD; flexible; kink, pinch, chemical and heat resistant. Flexible tubing for use with barb fitting. Please specify length.
per foot
300-002 Optimizer Collect Upgrade
DryCal® Pro Software

DryCal® Pro Software is available at no charge from the download site at:

No Charge
100-113 PC Serial Port Card
PC Card
Provides a serial port for laptop computers

Bios RS-232 Serial Cable for Defender to PC Connection
Serial Cable

RS-232 cable for Defender to PC connection
100-250 Pelican 1200 Case for Bios  Defender Calibrator
Pelican 1200
Hard, heavy duty case with custom foam; fits 1 Defender
100-251 Pelican 1520 se for 2-3  Bios  Defender Calibrato
Pelican 1520
Hard, heavy duty case with custom foam; fits 2-3 Defenders

Pricing effective January 01, 2019. Subject to change without notice.

    Download pdf Purchase Order Form
       Download Word Purchase Order Form

Terms for Instrument and Accessory Returns:
NOTE: Any returns will incur a 30% restocking fee on the list price of the item. To return any instruments or accessories you must request a Return Authorization number prior to returning anything to the factory for credit. This Return Authorization number must be prominently displayed on the outside of the shipping box. All products returned to MesaLabs must be sent freight pre-paid, in new condition and in the original cartons with all unopened software, accessories and manuals. The sender is responsible for any carrier loss or damage.

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