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Bios International

       Bios Defender 510 & 520 DryCal Primary Air Flow Calibrators
       Bios Defender 530 Standardized & Volumetric Flow Primary Air Flow Calibrators
       MesaLabs FlexCal Precision Calibrator
Bios DryCal Definer 220 Calibrator
       MesaLabs Bios DryCal Pro Software                

Honeywell Analytics- Biosystems

       Biosystems Index Page

       Single Gas Detectors

               ToxiPro Single Gas Detectors        

       Multi-Gas Detectors

               MultiPro Gas Detectors

               PhD6 Detectors         

       IQ-Express Automated Test Stations

            ToxiPro/Ltd IQ Express Docking Station

               MultiPro IQ Express Docking Station
               PhD6 Automated Docking Station  

               IQ Software Management System

       PosiChek3 Dynamic SCBA Respirator Test Bench

               PosiChek3 SCBA Test Bench
               Posi 3 USB SCBA Test Bench

       Calibration Gas & Accessories

       Manual Requests

       Application Notes

       Sperian Instrument Certifications
       ISO 9001:2000 Certification
       Product Discontinuation & Service Notices
       OSHA 29 CFR 1910.146 Confined Space Permit


       Apex2 & Tuff Sampling Pumps, dBadge Noise Dosimeter, Sound Level Meter, MicroDust Dust Monitor, Vibration Monitoring Index
       Casella Noise Monitoring Instruments

       Casella dBadge2 Noise Dosimeters
       Casella Apex2 Personal Sampling Pumps


       Delmhorst Moisture Meters including the New Navigator Series

       Moisture Meter Accessory Probes


       Index Page

       Accessories – Cases, Pressure Regulators, Tubing
       Gasco 44-ES ecosmart Refillable Calibration Gas Cylinder
       Gasco 66-ES ecosmart Refillable Calibration Gas Cylinder
       Gasco BumpIT Mini Bump-Gas Cylinder
       Gasco Calibration Gas QA Statement
       Gasco Calibration Gas Cylinder Disposal
       Gasco Cylinder Size Photos-&-Specifications
       Gasco ecosmart Refillable Cylinders 

       Gasco MSDS

       Gasco Regulator Photos-&-Descriptions

       Non-Reactive Single Calibration Gas

       Non-Reactive Multiple Calibration Gas Mixtures

       Reactive Single Calibration Gas

       Reactive Multiple Calibration Gas Mixtures

       Calibration Gas & Accessories Ordering Form & Instructions

GrayWolf Sensing Solutions

       Graywolf Index Page

       Zephyr II and Zephyr II+ Multifunction Micromanometers

       FM-801 Formaldehyde Meter

       2300AHTS_3--Function Probe for Zephyr II or IAQ Surveyor Meters

       Pitot Tube Probes - Airspeed and Volumetric Flow Measurement

       Thermocouple Probes - Type K

       WolfSense PC IAQ Software

Honeywell Gas Detection

      GasAlertClip Extreme
      GasAlert Extreme
GasAlert Max XT II
      GasAlertMicroClip XL-X3
      GasAlert MicroDock
      GasAlert Micro5
      GasAlert Quattro
      IQ Force 4-Gas Detector
     Posi 3 USB SCBA Test Bench

OTIS Instruments Fixed Gas Detection Systems

      Otis Instruments Fixed Systems Index Page  

      OI-675 Sensor Assembly with Display
      OI-6000K Single Gas Fixed Systems

      OI-6000 Series Wire-Powered Sensor Assembly
      OI-6000 Non-EX Wire-Powered Sensor Assembly
      OI-6900 WireFree Sensor Assembly
      OI-6900 Non-EX WireFree Sensor Assembly
      OI-6940 WireFree Notis Quad 4-Gas EXP Sensor Assembly
      OI-7010 Hybrid Multi-Channel Gas Monitor
      OI-7032 Touch-Screen Hybrid 32-Channel Gas Monitor
      OI-7500 WireFree 32-Channel Explosion Proof Monitor
      OI-7530 WireFree Relayer Alarm System
      OI-7543 WireFree 6-Channel Receiver

OTIS Instruments Portable Gas Detector Meters

       Otis OI-315 Tocsin 3Personal Single Gas Detector

PROTEC Instruments_RMD – XRF Spectrum Analyzers

       Protec-RMD LPA-1 XRF Lead Paint Spectrum Analyzer Overview

       Protec-RMD LPA-1 XRF Lead Paint Spectrum Analyzer Technical Specifications

       Protec-RMD LPA-1 XRF Lead Paint Spectrum Analyzer Report Generating Software
       Protec-RMD LPA-1 XRF Radioactive Source Cobalt 57

       Radioactive Material Licensing Information

       US State Radiation Licensing Agencies


       Testo Index Page


               416-417 Vane Anemometers

               425 Hot Wire Anemometers

       CO,CO2, Light Meters

               535 CO2 Meter with Extendable Probe

               317-3 Portable Ambient CO Meter

               545 Portable Light Meter

       IrDA Printer

               Portable IrDA Wireless Printer

       IR Thermal Imaging
               875/881 Thermal Imaging IR Camera Series
876 Thermal Imaging IR Camera
 882 Thermal Imaging IR Camera


               521-526 Multifunction Meters with Built-In Micromanometers

               512 Digital Manometers               

       Multi-Function Meters

               435 Multifunction IAQ Instrument with Wireless Temperature & Humidity Probes        

       Pocket Pro

               Pocket Pro IAQ/HVAC Meters – Temp, Humidity, Pressure, Velocity, Light, RPM


               465 Optical Non-Contact Tachometer
               470 Dual--Function_Optical-&-Mechanical_RPM_Tachometer

               476 Light Intensive RPM Stroboscope Tachometer


               625 Thermohygrometer with Wireless Probes


               110 NTC Thermometers with Wireless Probes

               174 Mini-Temperature Datalogger

               175 Series Dual Channel Temperature, Humidity & Current Loggers

               175 Thermistor, NTC, T/C Probes for the Logger

               805 Mini-Infrared Thermometer

               830 IR Thermometers, Non-Contact Temperature Measurements with Laser Sighting

               905-T2 Mini Surface Thermometer

               922 Dual Input Type K Thermocouple Differential Thermometer        


      .Index Page

      .VelociCalc 9565 Multi-Function Instruments
       VelociCalc Digital Air Velocity Meters – Models 9515, 9525, 9535, 9545
IAQ-Calc Indoor Air Quality Meters – Models 7515, 7525, 7535, 7545

DP-Calc Micromanometers – Models 5815 & 5825

       TH-Calc Thermohygrometers – Models 7415-25

       AccuBalance Air Balance Hoods

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